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Vote Climate:Voting Recommendations

Voting recommendations from Vote Climate -- based on policy, preferences and stance on climate change. Click here to see full list.Parties with the strongest climate policies, in order 1-10, best to worse. Click on the party name to see their detailed policy summary.

------Equal First--------- #1

What Women Want and Socialist Alliance both share first. Though What Women Want have stronger policy Socialist Alliance policy is still very strong and they have placed climate change as one of their leading issues in this election.


The Greens policy does not go far enough and reflects a desire to win seats rather than take the action needed on climate change.


Sightly weaker policy than the greens.


A poorly developed set of policies for a dedicated climate party, though a relatively stronger 2020 goal at 40%. Brought down by some questionable preferencing in WA Senate contest.


Weak policy, and sending their upper house preferences to the Liberals before parties with stronger climate policies. Do not vote these guys No1. above the line on the Senate Ballot paper or you might help the Liberals retain control of the Senate.


Labor has a weak climate policy and supports the coal and nuclear industries but promises to also fund the renewable sector. Unlike the last federal election Labor's preferences are unlikely to elect another Family First Senator as they are preferencing climate friendly parties in the Senate.


Weak climate policy, want to remove tax from fuel but at least supports signing Kyoto.

------Equal Last--------

Very weak climate policy. Leader until recently a climate skeptic, numerous climate skeptics still within party. Liberal party actively undermines international efforts on climate change, supports nuclear and coal industries, and has trickle fed the renewable industry. Leader still a climate skeptic. Have supported the Liberals on the poor climate policy while in Government.

Parties Listed according to climate harm and warming potential:

------Strongest response---------

  1. What Women Want
  2. Socialist Alliance

------Unacceptable risk of exceeding Two Degrees Plus---------

  1. The Greens
  2. Democrats
  3. Climate Change Coalition
  4. Conservatives for Climate Change and the Environment

------Unacceptable risk of exceeding Three Degrees Plus---------

  1. Labor
  2. Liberal
  3. Nationals
  4. Family First

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