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Discussion Begins on 2nd Ecosocialist Manifesto

(From the Ecosocialist International Network website)

At the founding Ecosocialist International Network meeting in Paris last October, Ian Angus, Joel Kovel and Michael Lowy were delegated to draft a Second Ecosocialist Manifesto.

They have now finished the draft and have submitted it for open international discussion. It can be downloaded in PDF form from the Ecosocialist International Network website:

We will have French and Spanish texts available soon, and will gladly receive and post translations into other languages.

After the discussion, the draft will be returned to the 3 authors for a final drafting which will take into account the feedback from the group. The final text will be then submitted to vote at the upcoming EIN meeting in Belem, Brazil in January 2009.

The process will be guided by a subcommittee of the EIN steering committee, composed of Danielle Follett (France), Pedro Ivo (Brazil), Beatriz Leandro (Brazil), Roxanne Mitralias (Greece), and Judith Watson (Britain).

The initial discussion will take place on the EIN yahoogroup mailing list. It is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Instructions on how to join the list are on the Contact page.

When contributing to the discussion on the manifesto, please indicate this in the subject heading of the message.

We plan to extend the discussion process on a wiki which is now being set up, but please submit your comments on the mailing list first. The deadline for comments is July 1.

We hope this discussion is rich and constructive, and will produce a text that we can all adopt.

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Taazia Bailey | April 24, 2008

It is good to have different language translations for the draft because even if English is our international language not everyone can fully understand it. Having different translations other people on different nations will have a clear understanding on what the draft is all about without having some troubles reading it on other language.

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