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International speakers at the World at a Crossraods Conference this Easter.

Below are just some of the international speakers at the forthcoming World At A Crossroads socialist conference, to be held this Easter at Sydney Girls High School. Visit http://www.worldatacrossroads.org for more information or to register...

Michael Lebowitz, Venezuela & Canada

Michael Lebowitz, Venezuela & Canada
* Centro Internacional Miranda, Caracas
* Renowned Marxist economist
* Director of the program "Transformative Practice and Human Development" at the Centro Internacional Miranda, Caracas, Venezuela
* Author of "Build it Now: 21st Century Socialism" and "Beyond Capital: Marx's Political Economy of the Working Class", winner of the Isaac Deutscher memorial prize (2004)
* Professor Emeritus of economics, Simon Fraser University, Canada
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Mericio Juvinal Dos Reis (Akara)

Mericio Juvinal Dos Reis (Akara)
* Luta Hamutuk Institute
* Executive Director of the Luta Hamutuk Institute
* From 2002-2005 he was a researcher at La’o Hamutuk, The East Timor Institute for Reconstruction Monitoring and Analysis.
* From 1999-2002, Mericio Akara was a Vice President of Timor Socialist Party, but he resigned from the position and from party membership in 2003.
* Prior to 1999, he spent 8 years in Jakarta-Indonesia as a student and as a pro independent activist.

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