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SATIRE LeftClick is due for a work over -- and a new voice

I've been blogging for six of the last half dozen years. That's a long time serving those who surf the World Wide Webbly thing. Heave ho-ing and shivering my online timbers like I'm the bestest of tars.

But as my dear old pater used to say, there is a tide in the affairs of men which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries....

And such is I in shallow or in misery. Preferring neither, and many dollars short of a fortune, I hereby step from behind the perspicacious mask that has been my usual visage at this web address, don a snazzy pair of plastic sunglasses (see profile image)  and will henceforth trans-substantiate into another being.

It is preferable to so proceed via this transforming (and cathartic) route  rather than be obliged to move elsewhere with all its associated  inconveniences and yell at you from over there in the hope I may draw your attention.

So comrades, family and friends,  the short of it  is that the voice that has screamed at you from these pages  renovating your POV and seductively merging it with my own, will change  in timbre, calibre and content as I  advance two steps forward and retreat  one step back to once again dare to compose political satire rather than something else.
"Political satire" does actually exist as proven by the undeniable  fact that it now has its own Wikipedia entry.
I thought if I announced this fact as an intention before I  actually started making the babies you would not be rashly prone to mark me down for   becoming far too curiouser and curiouser far too quickly.

Curious is easy (I've done curious hundreds of times; puzzlement almost as often)  but the trick with satire -- satire that may work --  is to push the normalcy envelope that little bit more queerish just as the other ( such as your good self) thinks that the world after all is the very best of what it could possibly be.

This time around -- and yes, I've trod this path before -- I  write the satiric type words on a  page, this page that is,  way up here, in the clouds where blogs live. All the puppets, maskmaking, street theatre...all that ambition  and distractions of my past  obsessions will be contained by a wiser, older and humbler me.

But the maltose media will remain --  the video and the audio  which will be selected for your listening and viewing pleasure and cultural enrichment. That and the crime fiction musings -- we gotta keep the pulp fiction.

So when they ask about me,  just say that while Pundit is a loan word borrowed in English during the British Raj from the Hindi language, Dave is one of those but without  the pretentiousness of inner cleanliness of brain ... But today, since everybody's doing detox,  he is aspiring to become  ever more punditious despite his shallow  scholastic accomplishments and his life long failure to master a specialty.

dave riley

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