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SATIRE The Pillars of Society = 21st Century Barbarians

Lodging a complaint
I have had my head around the world, both man and boy,  for many a year . I've strutted and fretted;  witnessed my share of hi fidelity  sound and ferocious fury.

But when it comes down to it I gotta say: "Bah!"

Hello! Are you listening?

Way back when I knew something was wrong. It was as plain as the smell under my very own nose.

It wasn't that I was intellectually  precocious or party to a special knowledge or insight. I just knew that the world was in in parlous  state.

Don't be thinking that I'm going  on about a feral asteroid  set to make a mess of downtown where ever. I'm not been apocalyptal. I'm far too young for that. (And besides, if the truth be known I'm spiritually shallow inside with out an ounce of repentance worth harnessing.)

All I'm saying is that what was  bad way back when has got even worse.

Our lives have got worse. And this worseness  has not occurred because  there's more  juvenile delinquency, illegal drugs, invading wogs  or  swear words on the teley. Things have gone from bad to worse one hoodwink at a time.

What wages buy has gone down. Personal debt has gone up. We work longer. The social 'safety net' has been trimmed right back to bare bones. Accommodation is expensive.  Employment security no longer exists. Murderous wars persist as a permanent feature of a sham quest for 'peace'. We are ruled by the  stockmarket and God Profit. The air temperature is rising.

But this demented, sorry, brutal and nasty world is sold to us as the best of all possible options. How sick is that?
As for me, I miss the 20th Century. 1953, for instance. That was good year. Or 1968.  And 1972 wasn't so bad either....
But today, what's on offer? Unless you make your own way through your own customized 'opening' and got ahead -- ahead of  any competing others ("Stiff bickies mate:your loss/my gain." ) -- you are going to be just another 21st century victim living an insecure existence one pay check (if you get one) at a time.

And there are billions of us --all more or less in the same boat. While some of us are worse off than others.,  we are all servants to the same master.

The same master? As I say I am lacking in spiritual essences.I'm theologically empty inside. So I can't complain to 'Somebody' upstairs. 

I'm also  too kind to blame migrants or refugees. I rather like Arabs (and Arabic food) for instance and get a kick out of mixing with Aborigines. If I complain to  the  media they won't print what I say.

If I start yapping on about " the system". I'm dismissed as ideological, or that I have "an agenda".
I have an agenda but they don't?
Even at election time, which should be open season for  whining , my complaints are worked over by party spin doctors  and drowned in rhetoric.  "Responsible government" prevails.

I'm ignored. Belittled. Abused. Dismissed. Patronized. I'm nobody. 

And the pillars of society go about their business of  looting and killing like the 21st Century Barbarians they are.

They do all these things and there's not a fuckin' thing in it for me.

No wonder I complain. Next time you  butcher a Afghani wedding party or lock some Tamils up on Christmas Island, I want to know what's in it for me?

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