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Cartoons in response to the Australian federal election.

The good news is that fast and effective treatment is now available. Sadly though, for the millions of people in this country who presently suffer from election problems, no more than 10% will choose to do something about it. Why? Probably, like me, it seemed an impossible task. After years of being unable to sustain interest in an election, I was close to giving up hope. The desire was there, but when it came to the test, the rest of me just would not cooperate. Despite my passion, when it came to the crunch, nothing would happen. No matter how hot and bothered I'd become, and think this time it will be different, I'd end up being let down once again. Each time I was called upon to perform, I just knew I was going to be inadequate. The lead was in my pencil, I'd have the booth to myself and all I had to do was use it to score ... straightaway I'd lose my confidence and get confused about the way I liked it. Should I go with this one or that one, him or her? It was agony and sooo frustrating! I was suffering from a very common disorder but hadn't realised it. I was exhibiting all the primary symptoms of political impotence (Impotentia politicus). While there are any number of candidates who claim to be able to treat this problem, the path to potency is not as simple as they make out. Indeed, a major factor contributing to what is now an epidemic of inadequacy among men and women of all ages is the failure of the parliamentary election system (PES) to deliver on its promises. PES, while promoting the desire, takes away the performance. Put crudely, parliament flirts with us once briefly every three years and ignores us the rest of the time. No amount of assurances to the contrary can change that. For myself, I wanted a new beginning but felt so alone in my problem. Then I joined Impotence Anonymous, and suddenly my life changed! No longer was I a victim of my own feelings of inadequacy. By joining with others who suffered as I did, I was able to get on top of my problem. Instead of waiting for something to happen, we'd get together and make our own chemistry. As a result, I no longer feel impotent! That's right! No more do I suffer from election problems. As for voting — I can take it or leave it. You can imagine what this feels like. I'm free at last. No longer do I rely on them to do it to me. For the first time in my life, I've learned to assert myself and now demand what I want. I'd be lying if I said that a cure is easy. But the road to a mature potency begins with the initial step of acknowledging that you — like thousands of others — suffer from a treatable disorder. And let's not mince words: political impotence can be treated. Over the years many people have overcome their impotence by joining with others and refusing to be impotent any longer. As we say in Impotence Anonymous: "Potency is coming together!"

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